Frequently asked questions

Are all your services really FREE?

All our services are cost to our clients! We have structured our program so that our clients will not have to pay for the assistance they receive!

Is there an age limit?

Yes. To receive our services, you must be between the ages of 13 and 40.

How do I know if I qualify for these FREE services?

1. You must be a woman Louisiana resident betweem the ages of 13 and 40... and have proof of residency (drivers license, etc.). 2. Basically, we are trying to reach our low-income women who are pregnant or think they are pregnant. If you are currently receiving ANY TYPE of government assistance (e.g. Food Stamps, Medicaid, WIC, etc.), then you would automatically be qualified for free services. 3. If you do work, you would need to bring in your last two pay stubs, or any kind of documentation that shows your income.

What if I am already pregnant and several months along?

No problem....our program is designed fo "those who may think they are pregnant" AND also those who are already pregnant but need a little support and assistance." We want to be with you throughout your wonderful journey and to provode the resources and assistance you may need.

What are the FREE services that you provide?

* Free pregnancy test to all our clients. * Free baby diapers and wipes to all who test positive. * Free "Physician's Positive Pregnancy" letter you may need for other government-assistnce programs you may be seeking...signed by our qualified , professional nurse. * Free referrals to other government agencies and programs you may qualify for. We will assist you in getting "plugged-in" into these programs. * We give you all the facts and information you need to make a good decision/choice concerning your baby, including facts relating to abortion and adoption. Note: We DO NOT make referrals to abortion clinics; we only give you the facts that are related to that decision. * Free classes on the many things you need to make sure your baby is given the best care posible, including Nutrition, Breast Feeding, Affects of Smoking, Going it alone for single mothers, etc. You will schedule a second appointment to get this activated. * You will receive free "Baby Bucks" on each visit that will enable you to purchase ("free"), such items as baby bags, baby carrier, baby strollers, and all sorts of baby supplies. When the baby arrives, you will be well prepared to give your baby the things he/she needs!

What hours are you open?

We are open evert Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Our office hours are 9 am thru 3 pm. You may call our office at 337.358.2518 for an appointmet...walk-ins welcomed!

Exactly where are you located?

Our new location is at 401A Thompson Ave. in Iowa, LA 70667. (The main street) If you are coming from the interstate 10, take exit 36 and head south. You will come to a red light...continue forward on this main street across town until you see the next red light (Iowa only has 2 red lights). BEFORE YOU GET TO THE RED LIGHT (Hwy.90) will see CARE Pregnancy Center on the left side of the ro Roys Meat Market and Restaraunt. For your convenience and by appointment only, if you are coming from the west or north side of Lake Charles, we can arrange your interview at our "Site B" in LeBleu Settlement. You may also use our "site map" to get the location. Call us if you need assistance in locating us!

What do I need to bring for my visit?

You wil need the following: Personal Picture ID ....such as Driver's License Social Security Card (at least your number if you can't find your card). Insurance card...Medicare, Louisiana insurance, etc. or personal insurance info. Any type of documentation that shows you are on a government-assistance program. If you are working, please bring your last two pay stubs or such proof of income.

Can I bring a friend, parent, boyfriend, or husband, etc. to be with me for my appointment?

Absolutely yes! In fact, we encourage you to bring someone with you. Note: This will make you qualified for even MORE Baby Bucks!

Do I have to be pregnant? What if I have a new born or very young child already? do not have to be pregnant. Our services are geared, however, toward those presently pregnant or think they may be....but they also expand to take care of the needs of a mother who has a young baby.

Do I have to be PREGNANT to get your services?

No. Although our services are geared toward helping those with unplanned pregnancies, we do understand the need of struggling mothers of small toddlers (still in diapers). We want to help as many mothers as we can. However, you must still come in and go through the interviewing process, where we can determine your needs and guide you to the assistance and information you need.

Can I be seen at your site in LeBleu Settlement if it is closer?

Yes....but we do prefer to see our clients at our primary site in Iowa. We understand that some of our clients feel it to be more convenient and is less of a travel. We consider this a "special arranged visit" and is offered as a courtesy only to those who are closer to LeBleu and financially can't afford the drive to Iowa. It is very important that you FIRST CALL and get a confirmation of a DATE and TIME for this appointment! 337.358.2518 (ask for Lisa).

I heard about your "Referral Program." How does that work?

We want to reach and help as many ladies as we can. When you come in for an interview, you will be given several referral cards to hand out to your family and friends. When a client comes in that was referred by you (your name will be on the card), you will be able to receive extra products from us, such as diapers, wipes, etc. This is just our way of saying "THANK YOU" for helping us reach even more women in need of assistance!

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